Advanced Open Water Diving Course

The Advanced Open Water Diver course builds on your skills and knowledge gained in the Open Water Diver course. It gives you the ability to choose your adventure dives depending on what you would like to experience or improve.

  • This course will take 2-3 days to complete
  • The price of the course includes rental of all equipment required
  • Requires you to be a certified Open Water Diver or Higher
  • Dive down to 30 metres (100 feet)
  • Adventure dives include: Deep, Navigation, Buoyancy, Fish Identification, Night, Wreck and Drift
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The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps build your confidence when diving and expands your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives. PADI Advanced Open Water Diving course takes about 2-3 days to complete and you will try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of our PADI Instructor. You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving. The course consists of:

  • Theory / Knowledge Development (independent study or in a group) with one chapter on each type of Adventure Dive
  • 2 x Compulsory Adventure Dives - Adventure DEEP & Adventure NAVIGATION
  • 3 x Choose your own Adventure Dives (depending on the daily schedule) - Buoyancy, Fish Identification, Night, Wreck or Drift
  • A certified Open Water Diver or higher
  • You must be at least 12 years old and if you are under 18, you would require a parent or guardian to sign all paperwork required for the course
  • You must be confident in the water and have adequate swimming skills to be able to complete: both a 10-minute floating (or treading water) and 200m swim (or 300m snorkel)
  • You will need to complete a short medical questionnaire to ensure you are fit to dive – for more details on this please refer to this
  • All diving equipment (tank, mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, and BCD)
  • Compass and Dive Tool
  • Dive Logbook
  • A PADI certification card
  • You will receive a temporary PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification Card. The permanent diving license will be mailed to your registered address. Please present this card whenever you plan on diving anywhere and it will never expire
  • You will be able to dive to 30m using regular compressed air without an instructor or dive master present (you must be in a group of two or more Open Water certified divers)
  • You will be able to take other courses such as the Rescue and Divemaster courses (offered at Ohlala)

Every day, subject to availability

30 metres (100 feet)

  • Dorm
  • Tent
  • Double Room
All room options come with shared bathrooms